VERMODJE Online Shop

VERMODJE from the very beginning of its existence was famous for its low price and excellent quality, but over time, customer reviews began to say the opposite about the quality. Over time, a large number of fakes appeared on the market.

The company did not respond to customer feedback, as a result of which it lost the confidence of customers. But after a while the company had a revolution and the goods became many times better, and the prices remained the same low.


  • I read a lot of negative reviews about this company. Decided to order at your own risk, was sure that the quality will be lame, but it came and I was satisfied for the money.

Thomas Atkinson, Detroit

  • Not so often write reviews, but now decided to leave. I use the drugs of this company for many years and did not notice the poor quality, but if finances allow you to buy something better.

Abraham Booker, Nashville