Manufacturer: VERMODJESubstance: MethandienonePackage: 10 mg 100 tablets

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NAPOSIM (Methandienone) 10 mg 100 tabletsĀ – Oral Steroids from VERMODJE.

Naposim from Vermoje is part of the steroid group, with anabolic exposure. The chemical is methanedienone. An agent in the form of tablets is produced. It has excellent regenerative action. The drug gives excellent muscle mass gain, making it indispensable for athletes in bodybuilding and weightlifting. Androgenic activity is much lower than testosterone, it is – 50%. The anabolic index is 200%.

Effects of reception

Taking Naposim Vermodje the following results are achieved:

  • Appetite increases, as the body needs energy reserves;
  • There is rapid growth of muscle tissues;
  • the fatty layer is burned;
  • Stabilizes the nitrogen balance in the body;
  • Bones, joints, ligaments are strengthened;
  • The development of secondary male sexual features is stimulated;
  • Positively affects the synthesis of structural proteins;
  • Provides greater oxygen entry into muscle tissues;
  • there is an anticatabolic effect.

Side effects occur when taken incorrectly. It ‘s an acne rash, an increase in blood pressure, a delay in fluid in tissues. It is also worth mentioning the flavor property, so it is necessary to include aromatase inhibitors in the course.

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