Manufacturer: VERMODJESubstance: StanozololPackage: 10 mg 100 tablets

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STANOVER (Stanozolol) 10 mg 100 tabletsĀ – Oral Steroids from VERMODJE.

Stanover from young pharmacology manufacturer Vermoje, is an anabolic steroid. The active substance is stanozolol. It is produced in the form of tablets. Popular among athletes of all sports disciplines where it is necessary to increase force indicators or set of dry muscles. In weightlifting, it is included in drying courses. The anabolic index from testosterone is 320%, androgen is only 30%. A feature of the agent is the absence of transformation into estrogens.


The reception of Stater Vermodje provides an opportunity to achieve such results:

  • Increase physical strength and endurance;
  • Gain dry muscle mass;
  • Remove the accumulated fluid in the muscle fibers;
  • Improve the appearance of the muscle, its hardness and relief;
  • Raise libido on course;
  • Get rid of subcutaneous fat deposits.

If the dosage is exceeded, or other violations of the instruction, side effects can occur – gynecomastia, acne rash, virolysis, joint pain. After receiving the funds, it is recommended to pass the PBC.

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