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TADALAVER (Tadalafil) 20 mg 10 tabletsĀ – Oral Steroids from VERMODJE.

Tadalaver active ingredient is Tadalafil. Tadalafil is a medical drug created to address weak sweating in men. The principle of operation of Tadalafil, as in Viagra, but the active substance in Viagra is different – Sildenafil. In addition, Tadalafil has a number of advantages over Viagra.

General information on Tadalafil:

* Medical research on the development of Tadalafil started by the pharmaceutical corporation Icos as early as 1993
* The main purpose of Tadalafil – enhancement of potency at his reception, at bodybuilders is used for pamping (effect of muscle inflation) on trainings and before competitions
* Tadalafil expands the vessels of skeletal muscle, similar in action to Viagra (Sildenafil) and nitrogen donators (arginine), but has advantages over both
* Tadalafil has a long exposure time on the body, up to 36 hours, unlike the significantly shorter Viagra, which works for about five hours
* Tadalafil has not high value, buy Tadalafil can afford not even a very well-off person
Consider Tadalafil ‘s use, both for sporting purposes and in his main purpose of enhancing potency. Of course to most athletes, especially at a young age, as well as athletes not falling off the course of Testosterone, it is unlikely that the question of potency will be curious, as even with 500 mg. Testosterone per week libido (attraction to the opposite sex) and potency are high.

For sporting purposes, Tadalafil is used for muscle inflating effect (pamping). In the past, one of the most used additives for pamping was nitrogen donators (arginine), but as is usually the case with drugs from sports pit stores – they were very inefficient, as many of the latest studies confirm. Tadalafil weakens walls of vessels, vessels extend and muscles look more filled. Buying Tadalafil as a pamping agent will be much more effective than any nitrogen donator because its action has been repeatedly confirmed by experienced medical research, and the action of nitrogen donators has been confirmed only by marketolages who want you to pour another placebo in a beautiful can. Any experienced athlete will choose Tadalafil for pamping purposes, and nitrogen donator (arginine) will throw in an urn.

Tadalafil is a good drug for pamping, it has practically no side effects, causes erection only in the form of an excitation object, not strongly, but reduces blood pressure. The plus is also its affordable price. The reception of Tadalafil for sports purposes will also help in personal life a marked increase in erection, as well as a general satisfaction from sexual comfort. Taking Tadalafil on a Testosterone course will make you a monster not only in sports but also in personal life.

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