Manufacturer: VERMODJESubstance: Testosterone CypionatePackage: 10 ml vial (200 mg/ml)

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TESTOVER C (Testosterone Cypionate) 10 ml vial (200 mg/ml) – Injectable Steroids from VERMODJE.

Testover C from pharmaceutical manufacturer Vermoje, is part of the anabolic androgenic steroid group. The active ingredient is testosterone cipionate. It is discharged in the form of an injection liquid. It bears a great resemblance to the natural hormone produced by the human organism. Allows weightlifters and bodybuilders to build up impressive muscle mass, without having to make frequent injections. It ‘s essentially the air, with the longest chain.

Effects of reception

Tester Tz Vermodje allows:

  • Build up muscle fibers in a short period of time;
  • Increase strength and endurance;
  • to raise aggression level;
  • to raise sexual desire;
  • Stimulate the development of secondary male sexual features;
  • Accelerate erythrocyte production, allowing more oxygen to enter muscle fibers;
  • to improve regeneration processes.

Among the side effects it is worth noting – accumulation of liquid in muscle tissue, acne rash, gynecomastia, symptoms of virilization. These phenomena can be eliminated by aromatase inhibitors. But, exceeding dosages can lead to more serious consequences – testicular atrophy, reduction of libido (extremely severe cases).

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